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Factpages Norwegian Offshore Directorate
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Licence is an abbreviation for "Production Licence".


Production licences on the Norwegian continental shelf, with complete history for each licence.
Transactions and other activities executed after the effective date of a license expiry/surrender will not appear on the Norwegian Offshore Directorate Factpages.


Production licences are granted by the Ministry of Energy. Transfer of a production licence or participating interest in a production licence must be approved by the ministry.


Updating of licensees and operatorship is done following registration in the Petroleum register. The Petroleum register is maintained by the Norwegian Offshore Directorate according to its own regulations relating to the Petroleum register. According to the Regulations, the licensee must give written notice to the registrar if changes occur in the licence. Deeds for transfer of shares are to be recorded on the form. Changes must be reported for production licences and for permits for transport and utilization systems.


Please note that Petoro AS is responsible for managing the State Direct Financial Interest (SDFI) in those partnerships where such holdings exist at any given time in the portfolio.